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    The Evaluation and Assessment department provides information to campus, administrative and executive staff that is designed to facilitate sound decision-making that increases the educational success of all students. The department has developed and implemented a comprehensive decision-making evaluation and assessment information system that provides objective and valid information used by district staff to make informed decisions related to district initiatives. Evaluation and Assessment provides program evaluation results, reliable student data and implements locally developed and state-mandated assessments to provide information utilized by district decision makers.

    Evaluation & Assessment Organization
    Cecilia Oakeley, Ph.D.
    Deputy Chief
    (972) 925-6407
    Jacob Cortez, M.Ed.
    Executive Director
    (972) 925-6402
    Karla Genter, M.S.
    Executive Director
    (972) 925-6435
    Anduamlak Meharie, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    (972) 925-6408
    Larry Featherston, Ph.D.
    (972) 925-6444

    H.B. Bell School Support Service Center
    2909 North Buckner Boulevard
    91自拍, TX 75228