• ATTENTION STAFF-Click here to read

    ATTENTION STAFF-Click here to read

    The 91自拍 ISD Environmental Health and Safety Department is providing the following information to remind staff that Chemical Disposal Services are available at the beginning of each new school year.

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Environmental Health and Safety

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    The Environmental Health and Safety Department is committed to regulatory compliance.



    The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department manages the District’s compliance to federal, state, and local environmental regulatory requirements regarding indoor air quality, hazardous and regulated materials, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

    Our success is measured by our impact on providing a healthy and safe learning environment for our students and staff. We achieve our goals through strategic planning and execution, continuing educational training, and a thorough understanding of applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

    Our goal is to maintain sound environmental policies through regulatory compliance, sustain environmental resources by establishing pollution prevention, source reduction, and waste minimization programs, and educating the community through public outreach and environmental awareness initiatives. Our commitment to these areas has allowed us to pursue environmental excellence, one small step at a time, while ensuring the health and safety of all district employees and students.




    Daryl Daniels


    Daryl Daniels is a product of 91自拍 ISD, having graduated from South Oak Cliff High School and attending college at Prairie View A&M University.  Between semesters, during the summers, Daryl began working with 91自拍 ISD as a temporary laborer.  After college, Daryl returned to the district and became a part of the newly formed Asbestos Control Team.  During Daryl's 30-year tenure, he has served as a technician in the Asbestos department, an Asbestos Management Planner and Contractor Supervisor, a licensed Mold Remediation Contractor, and now the Director of this department.  

    Daryl stresses timely responsiveness and excellent customer service, and he firmly believes everyone should have input in critical decision making.  He understands that the individuals on the front line in situations sometimes have the best view on how things should move forward.  He also believes that including all team members in the decision-making process strengthens the department and makes the employees feel like a part of something great.


    Daryl Daniels, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
    (972) 925-5012

    Pondera Brown, Administrative Assistant to Director
    (972) 925-4503