Teacher Information

  • Potential teachers will find links to information that will assist them in learning about teacher certification and performance pay programs in 91自拍 ISD.

      • Alternative Certification
        The 91自拍 ISD Alternative Certification Program has prepared thousands of teachers for the school district. Many have become school leaders in 91自拍 ISD and other school districts. 
      • Teacher Hiring Process
        91自拍 Independent School District is now using a new teacher selection process to help us identify great talent to staff our schools. We strive to ensure every DISD student is taught by a highly effective teacher.  The steps below indicate stages that candidates may advance through before being eligible to receive an offer from one of our principals.
    • Open Transfer Period
      The Open Transfer process allows current 91自拍 ISD teachers, counselors and media 91自拍lists who meet certain criteria to accept a new position at another campus for the following school year without approval from the employee's current principal. During the remainder of the school year, a transfer must be approved by both receiving and sending Principals and Executive Directors.