• Mission


    Our mission is to support and foster learning by ensuring that all schools and district facilities are equipped with tools and technology systems to monitor and provide a safe environment for students, staff, and the community.


    What We Do


    Management of:

    • Key Card Readers
    • Camera Systems
    • A-Phones/Intercoms
    • Mass Notification System
    • Clear Backpack Distribution
    • Protective Window Film
    • Raptor Visitor Management System
    • Metal Detectors





    Marlon Brooks, M. Ed.
    Executive Director

    Mr. Brooks embarked on a transformative journey with the inception of the School Safety, Resources, and Monitoring Department in 2023, marking a pivotal chapter in his illustrious career. Over the span of nearly three decades, Mr. Brooks has fervently dedicated himself to the realm of education within the esteemed 91自拍 Independent School District. His unwavering commitment has seen him traverse diverse roles, including those of a distinguished Teacher, a perceptive Assistant Principal, and a visionary Principal.

    Through these multifaceted experiences, Mr. Brooks has cultivated a profound understanding of the educational landscape, nurturing not only young minds but also the educational ecosystem as a whole. Mr. Brooks is excited to support the mission of 91自拍 ISD through his work in the School Safety, Resources, and Monitoring Department.


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    Marlon Brooks, Executive Director
    (972) 925-5117

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    3701 Botham Jean Blvd. 91自拍, Texas 75215 (972) 925-5096