• Magnet Schools and Special Programs

    91自拍 ISD is proud to be a district of choice seeking to provide every student with a “best-fit” school. At a best-fit school, educators can more meaningfully and deeply engage students by tapping into their specific interests, aspirations, and preferred learning styles. Magnet Schools are one of the many high-quality school choice options offered by 91自拍 ISD. These schools provide theme-oriented courses of study that enable students to have in-depth educational experiences within a particular area of interest.

    Magnet Schools provide students with access to college preparatory courses and 91自拍lized curricula which investigate and explore today’s career choices. Leadership skills are refined through the many activities and competitions offered in the Magnet Schools. All Magnet Schools have selective admissions criteria and have traditionally served underrepresented populations, with a specific focus on ethnic diversity. In this way, magnet students interact in an inclusive environment similar to the global workforce of the 21st century, providing them with a competitive edge for tomorrow’s marketplace.