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  • Pre-K Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is Open!

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  • What are the benefits of Pre-K?

  • Intellectual Development During the Pre-K age period, high cognitive development begins, an important prerequisite for success in school and later in the workplace.
  • Self-confidence Studies show that children who attend Pre-K acquire fundamental social and emotional skills such as eye contact, self-esteem, and temper control.
  • Brighter Future Children who participate in Pre-K are better prepared to start kindergarten. They show significantly higher levels of educational attainment and are more likely to graduate from high school and college.

  • Did you know that children that attend Pre-K earn higher incomes as adults?


    A strong start to early childhood is more critical than ever. Children that attend Pre-K learn to socialize with their peers, manage their emotions, and get the foundational academic skills to boost their lifetime learning potential.

    Studies show that kids who attend Pre-K are:

    • 3.5x more likely to be ready for Kindergarten
    • More likely to succeed in school
    • More likely to go to college
    • Less likely to drop out
    • Less likely to become a teen parent
    • Less likely to be arrested for a violent crime


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