• Roaring Readers in the Bryan Adams Feeder Pattern

  • Make a difference in a child’s education

    Research indicates that early intervention proves to be effective with children who need reading support.  With individualized tutoring from caring community volunteers, the number of children who experience significant challenges is greatly reduced. 

    The Bryan Adams Roaring Readers program is designed to reach the highest number of students and provide maximum educational benefits.  “Learning to read”, and subsequently, “reading to learn” is critical in a student’s early education. Our ultimate goal is to build strong readers and learners.

    Volunteers make the greatest impact early in a students’ literacy journey. By offering a personalized reading experience to our Bryan Adams students, you spark a passion for learning and success.

    – Jo Anne Hughes, Ph.D., Executive Director

    Roaring Readers Benefits of Tutoring

    • Increases vocabulary and comprehension across subjects
    • Grows their “appetite” for reading
    • Builds awareness and empathy, allowing students to understand something without experiencing it
    • Encourages fluent reading, including how to read language, punctuation and sounding out new or challenging words
    • Creates a unique, individualized learning experience which improves students’ attitudes about school and learning, as well as, about themselves