• Academics

    The 91自拍 ISD is enhancing the way children learn to fulfill the district’s mission of educating all students for success. The curriculum is an integral part of the learning process, and this section offers a variety of tools that students and parents can use to have a more comprehensive picture of what knowledge and skills are required for success in each grade. It is crucial to the academic achievement of all students that all those involved in the learning process—at home or in the classroom—understand what is expected of students in every subject at every grade level.

    • Curriculum Guides provide an overview of the knowledge and skills for every grade level.
    • Course Information includes course descriptions for middle- and high-school classes.
    • Grading Policy delineates the district’s principles for determining grades.
    • 4X4 Graduation Requirements provides information for planning a graduation program that students can successfully complete.
    • Preschool Classes delineates the district’s programs for early childhood education.
    • Special Programs includes information about academic programs and settings that differ from the standard classroom.
    • Staff Resources provides access to Curriculum Central for teachers and other district employees who are responsible for student success.

    By taking advantage of these curriculum resources, students can strive for academic success that will help them graduate as problem solvers and critical and creative thinkers who are resilient, strong, culturally competent, and able to work collaboratively.