School Nurse Framework
  • Health Services collaborates with school professionals, parents and the community to maximize access to health-related resources and social services to advance student wellness and academic success.




    • Support academic progress, so students are college and career ready
    • Focus on student health and a safe learning environment
    • Utilization of electronic health records in order to enable quick access to health data for coordinated and efficient care of students
    • Provide ongoing professional development to enable staff to provide quality care to students




    • Reduce student absenteeism related to chronic disease
    • Increase graduation rates for pregnant and parenting students
    • Support student and staff safety


  • The policies and procedures adopted to promote the physical health resources available at each campus are reviewed on an annual basis by the Health Services department. Please reach out to the school nurse on your child’s campus for more information about physical health resources available for the 2023-2024 school year.

    A full time nurse is allocated for every campus to promote health and academic success.